KU Home Page Redesign 2008

A new home page for the University of Kansas launched on January 16th, 2008.

The new KU home page
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While the design will seem at first a huge departure from what you’re used to, it retains key elements from the existing home page, including basic tools such as search and KU A-Z and links to popular destinations like email and blackboard.

There will still be a focus on news and events, but there will be a larger area for features with which we can show more and better photos and include multimedia.

This new “billboard” area will allow us to focus on up to eight stories at any given time. The stories will rotate automatically while allowing users to drive the action if they choose.

General themes will include:

  1. Campus Beauty
  2. Diversity
  3. KU Works for Kansas (outreach and service)
  4. Research & Teaching
  5. Major Events

We will seek your input for ideas and improvements for these billboard features. Meanwhile, the daily news updates will continue to be on the home page on the right side.

The new design is part visual and part intellectual. Visually, it presents a more dynamic picture of the university. Intellectually, it allows for a more compelling view of the work that occurs here daily.

We are expanding the mission of the home page beyond a simple gateway to information lurking underneath. The mission will be more journalistic in nature. We will strive to report and record the teaching and research going on across the university and highlight the diversity of not only those endeavors, but the people involved in making them happen.

The goal is to create a sense of place—a place current students, staff and faculty can be proud of, and a place that prospective students, staff and faculty will want to be. It will allow users both internal and external a better opportunity to make sense of the world of KU by giving them a broader view of what’s going on here.

While this redesign affects only the home page — lower level pages and the university wide template system are not affected -- it represents a step forward in our view of the web at KU. We look forward to more changes in the future, and welcome your feedback as we continue our journey.

Additional information on the redesign

What about schools and departments?
This redesign is only affecting the KU home page. Schools and departments should continue to follow the guidelines in the web standards guide for developing their sites. Additional tools will be forthcoming to help departments in their efforts. If you need help with or have questions about your site, please contact the KU Web Strategy Team.
Download the KU Web Standards Guide (4.2 MB pdf)
Contact the KU Web Strategy Team

Please provide comments and feedback about the KU Web site to webcomms@ku.edu

For specific questions about the KU Web Standards Guide, contact
Robin Bedenbaugh , Associate Director, Digital Media Services

For questions about implementing the KU Web Template, contact
Matt Garrett, Manager, Web Development & Interface Design